We envision a world where everyone has access to clean drinking water. Let's make this a reality.  

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Haiti & Dominican Republic


Since 2011, we have been empowering nationals to build and maintain project that will last a life time. Each project - rain catchment tanks or septic tank toilets - we do is specific to the community and what they believe they need. Our field directors work in places that are literally not on the map because they are so rural. The simple water technologies we use are highly effective in providing longevity in all our projects. 



Due to the extended dry season, we drill wells in villages to secure safe drinking water for the entire community. We ensure that nationals are involved in the whole process to develop ownership and to set up a village water committee. This committee oversees all operation, maintenance and repair - allowing these wells to be sustainable for years to come.                                                       



We work in villages surrounding Siem Reap, where families have shallow wells by their homes. This water, however, is contaminated due to lack of proper sanitation. We train families on water filtration methods that improve their water quality. In order to extend our reach to even remoter areas, we have begun ultlizing SAWYER filters when appropriate. One filter is capable of supplying 1 million gallons of water!

“I am so amazed and blessed every time I hear stories of God at work in the lives of people at such a grassroots level.

It is such a basic and foundational demonstration of His love, as the team is able to empower people by giving them basic skills for life. They are true representatives of the heart of Jesus, the Living Water.”   

- Darlene Cunningham, Co-Founder of Youth With A Mission